Yamaha SY22 & SY35
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Yamaha SY22 & SY35
Vector synthesis keyboards combining FM and AWM sound sources.


Yamaha SY22 (1990)

All sounds in this track are SY22 factory presets, including the drums. The SY22 is effectively a hybrid of Yamaha's outgoing FM synthesizer technology with their new AWM sample-based engine, with 2 FM operators and 2 AWM oscillators. 


Yamaha SY35 (1992)

Designed by Dave Smith, the keyboards feature the vector joysticks he had also experimented with on the Prophet VS and Korg Wavestation, allowing for interesting live blending of layers, either by affecting their volume (Level) or their pitch (Detune), to create evolving pads and textures. 

These tracks were all released on the SYFY EP.

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Yamaha SY22 and SY35

All synth sounds in this track are SY22 and SY35 factory presets, while the drums are Roland TR-909 and TR-727 samples.


Yamaha SY22

Programming new patches via the front panel is a fairly thankless task, but there is a good editor out there for Ctrlr.


Yamaha SY35

Recorded straight to four-track tape on a Tascam Porta05 Ministudio.

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Big thanks to Music Broth for the loan of the SY22. They're a fantastic community music resource in Glasgow, UK, loaning instruments and running workshops with a mission to provide access to music for everyone. For anyone wanting to try out one of these synths, they now have my old SY35 as well.

Yamaha SY22 synthesizer