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Head for the sun, take a straight line...
... a new single that will make you lose yourself between the lines of the world we know.
... un nuevo sencillo que te hará perderte entre las líneas del mundo que conocemos.

"Head for the sun
Take a straight line
Don't look back
Don't deviate
It's not yet drawn for us
The future's in
The lines we make"
- Lines

Minimalist deep house vibes on the single "Lines". These tracks were made with keyboards from the Yamaha Reface series.

  • Lines: Reface CS and CP
  • Reamble: Reface CS
  • Rologue: Reface YC
  • Relude: Reface CP
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All tracks (C) Copyright 2024 Alfonse / 79Wave

Yamaha Reface CS and CP keyboards on a blue background