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Yamaha Reface
Reimagined classic keyboard sounds in a portable package.


Yamaha Reface CS (2015)

The CS is an analogue modelling synth in a small package, with mini keys, 5 different synth oscillator models, and a range of useful effects.

All sounds heard in the track come from the CS, with the FM oscillator used for drum sounds, the "multi-saw" model providing big chords, and the "pulse" model laying down the bass line.


Yamaha Reface CP (2015)

The CP provides five characterful electric piano sounds (plus a plinky toy piano) with vintage-style effects in a small package with mini keys.

All sounds heard in the track come from the CP, with the toy piano as percussion, a Rhodes providing smooth chords, and a Wurlitzer laying down the bass line. The analogue and digital delay models also feature in the melody lines.


Yamaha Reface YC (2015)

The YC provides five classic organ sounds, plus rotary speaker, distortion and reverb effects, in a small package with mini keys. Flagship of the unit is the Hammond model, while four transistor combo organ models (Vox, Farfisa, Acetone and Yamaha) complete the sound palette.

Harmonic percussion overtones of variable length and pitch can be added, as well as vibrato and chorus. I also used the percussion, the lowest three drawbars, and a dash of reverb to construct a gritty snare drum sound. Extra drums are from Samples From Mars vinyl kits and Logic Pro's own drum kit.


Yamaha Reface CS and CP (2015)

A track made with sounds from both the CS (various synth models) and CP.

These tracks can be found on my Bandcamp.

Hear the tracks


Eleven patches for the Reface CS mini-synth and nine patches for the Reface YC combo organ. You can transfer them using Martin Tarenskeen's Reface panel for Ctrlr.

Download the CS patches
Download the YC patches


Reface CP