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Dive Into the Light single cover art: a ghostly figure in the dark
Dive Into the Light
A ghostly tale with a retro 80s goth-meets-synthpop vibe, featuring the vocals of Dora Lachaise
Cover art for After the Wave, with waves on a blue sea
After the Wave
Built on a foundation of Italo-style bassline, with Moroder-inspired vocoder on the hook
Cover art for Generator, with car headlights at the end of a glowing neon road between palm trees under an orange sky
A slice of retro synthpop, escaping from Tron straight into Miami Vice along a flickering neon highway
Cover art for Reflector, a spacesuited figure next to a dome on Mars watches the sun appear from behind Earth
A chilled-out, sunny vibe and quirky lyrics inspired by the movie The Martian
Cover art for The Moment - a pattern of defocused lights
The Moment
Electro synthpop from 2012
Cover art for Human Race - a figure in a spotlight
Human Race
Electro synthpop from 2011, featuring Niall Everitt
Cover art for Time Over, a couple smiling at each other
Time Over
Two-track single from 2011 featuring vocals from Ayika
Cover art for Bald Statement of Fact - a broken record on a red background
A Bald Statement of Fact
My first single in 2011, two dark and epic instrumental tracks


Lines single and EP cover art: a brutalist structure where light and shadow creates lines on the concrete
Four tracks from the Yamaha Reface series of keyboards, including the single Lines.
Red and blue stylised cover art for New Digital Architectures, with two ascending staircases in a brutalist concrete building
New Digital Architectures
Seven tracks of sci-fi soaked soundscapes
Red and blue stylised cover art for Kawai Five-O showing shadows on an apartment block
Kawai Five-O
Need to write incidental music for a late 1980s detective drama? The Kawai K1 has you covered...
Abstract blue and red cover art for SYFY
Using the Yamaha SY synths of the early 90s
Cover art for Nightlight mini-album, featuring a stylised photo of a bedside lamp
My most recent collection of tracks from a variety of vintage keyboards
Red and blue abstract cover art for Once
Another collection of tracks using vintage "toy" keyboards, including some underrated gem instruments
Abstract pink and blue cover art for ALF
This album brings together all the vintage keyboard tracks from releases A, L and F
Cover art for From the Live Room
From the Live Room
Synth jams with Ian Bostic on drums, recorded live with additional overdubs