Dive Into the Light
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Dive Into the Light
A ghostly tale for Halloween, with a retro 80s goth-meets-synthpop vibe, featuring the vocals of Dora Lachaise.

"It's a sonic journey that resurrects the spirit of 80s goth and synthpop, and with Alfonse and Dora Lachaise at the helm, you're in for an otherworldly experience that transcends time and genre boundaries"
- DeathOrDesire.com

"Those sounds are coming from the old house
Cloud gathers and the moon is blanked out
Before you know you're at the back door somehow
Now you hear the voices call".

phenomenal vocals
- New Retro Wave HQ

For those interested in the sonic makeup, this one was made using the Roland Juno Boutique module, the JU-06A, which is chock-full of classic 80s sounds. Drum samples were from Samples From Mars.


Recently found wandering through Glasgow’s Victorian cemeteries, Dora Lachaise produces dark and otherworldly music. She has released two solo singles to date - the spooky Bone Collector and the experimental electronic I Confess, which I also remixed in early 2023 - as well as a collaborative EP with Jonni Slater, called Weather Balloons.

More about Dora Lachaise


All synth sounds in the track were from Roland's JU-06A module from the Boutique series, which emulates both the classic Juno 106 and 60 models.

Watch the synth video