Roland Boutique JU-06A
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Roland Boutique JU-06A
A mini-module recreating the sounds of the classic Juno 106 and 60 synths.

A recreation of the Juno 106 and 60 models in one tiny digital box. This synth packs a great sounding punch for a battery operated, mini-speaker-toting module. The Juno chorus is a classic sought-after sound in itself, which really adds thickness, width and life to the single oscillator sound of the Juno.

In this track, I used a smooth brassy patch with added chorus for the main synth and a classic bass sound, making good use of the sub oscillator to fatten it up.


This track has been released as a single, "Dive Into the Light", available on all streaming and download platforms.

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One of a series of synthjams from January 2022, using a Yamaha PSS-580 as a MIDI controller to play the JU-06A and with drums from the Korg Electribe II Sampler.

For this remix of Dora Lachaise's own track, I used the JU-06A boutique Juno module for the main synth, synth sample libraries from Spitfire and Samples From Mars, the Novation Bass Station, and a few other bits and pieces.