Yamaha SHS-10
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Yamaha SHS-10
An FM keytar with mini keys from the late 80s.


Yamaha SHS-10 (1987)

This is a 2-op FM synth in the form of a mini-keytar, with 32 keys for the right hand and a pitch bend wheel and vibrato button in easy reach of the left hand on the neck. It has a MIDI Out port, which allows you to use it to control other instruments. Apparently it's also known as the Sholky (or Shoulder Keyboard) in Japan.

The lead line uses voice 32 Horn, making use of the vibrato and portamento effects and the pitch bend wheel. The main drum pattern used was 03 Fusion 2. The track starts with 01 Rhythm and Blues 2, and 02 Fusion 1 is used for a fill-in at the middle and end of the final solo section.

This track can be found on the Nightlight album.

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Yamaha SHS-10 keytar being played