Minimalist deep house vibes to "make you lose yourself between the lines of the world we know." -

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SYNTH videos

Yamaha PSS-780

Part of a powerful range of 2-operator FM synths disguised as colourful toy keyboards

Casio MT-400V

My personal favourite Casiotone, its analogue filter gives it a unique sound amongst the classic 80s minikeys

Yamaha PSS-570

A chilled-out, sunny vibe from this classic FM Portasound, with the help of a little delay...

Yamaha SY22 & SY35

Two pro synths from the early 90s combining FM and AWM sounds into one package

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Dive Into the Light single cover art: a ghostly figure in the dark
Dive Into the Light
An 80s-synth-drenched ghostly tale for Halloween, featuring the ethereal vocals of Dora Lachaise.
Red and blue stylised cover art for New Digital Architectures, with two ascending staircases in a brutalist concrete building
New Digital Architectures
Seven tracks of sci-fi soaked soundscapes
Red and blue stylised cover art for Kawai Five-O showing shadows on an apartment block
Kawai Five-O
Need to write incidental music for a late 1980s detective drama? The Kawai K1 has you covered...
Cover art for Generator, with car headlights at the end of a glowing neon road between palm trees under an orange sky
A slice of retro synthpop, escaping from Tron straight into Miami Vice along a flickering neon highway.
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Alfonse surrounded by vintage keyboards, pushing buttons and moving the fader on a 4-track tape recorder



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