Yamaha PSS-460 & 570
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Yamaha PSS-460 & 570
That Soundblaster video game sound in a mid-80s home keyboard...


Yamaha Portasound PSS-460 (1986)

The 460 was one of a few of Yamaha's PSS range to use the same YM3812 sound-generating chip used in the Soundblaster soundcards of the late 80s/90s. Synth settings are editable via the sliders on the top right of the control panel.

All sounds you hear in the track were made using the PSS-460; some were run through delay pedals (the Vestax DDX vintage digital delay and the more recent Boss DD7).

This track was released on the album ALF.

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Yamaha Portasound PSS-570 (1987)

The PSS-470 and 570 were cosmetic upgrades of the 460 and 560. Unlike the PSS-460/470, the 560/570 also has a separate chip for the drums.

I added stereo multi-tap delay to the main chords using the Audiority Deleight plugin. I double-tracked the lead synth part (each part tuned fractionally differently) to give it a fatter sound, and in places added another layer an octave up.

This track was released as a single, Reflector.

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Yamaha PSS-460 vs. Casio MT-600

This track was released on the album ALF.

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Yamaha Portasound PSS-570 (1987)

This track was released on the album Once.

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Live jam featuring Ian Bostic on drums and Alfonse on the Yamaha PSS-460 and PSS-580, as well as Novation Bass Station ii. The PSS-460 tracks were overdubbed later (the lead was double-tracked and slightly detuned to sound a little bigger), with effects provided by two TC Electronic pedals: Alter Ego delay on the Copycat and Specho settings and the Hall of Fame mini reverb.

This track was released on the album From the Live Room.

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If you have one of these keyboards and want to recreate the sounds, here are the parameters:

Main chords = Trumpet 333255
Main Bass = Jazz Guitar 435455 (layered with Jazz Guitar 313455)
Extra bass layer in middle = Jazz Guitar 415455
Lead = Cosmic 334245 (3 layers with differences in pitch)
Extra lead layers in chorus = Popsynth 322343 and Slapsynth 525335
Rhythmic low notes = Synth 225555
Repeated note in middle = Horn 435253
Lead in middle = Flute 5x5333
FX = Vibes 153543
FX = Clarinet 555555

Night Vision
1 = Bluesynth 251133
2 = Synth 235453
3 = Vibes 555533
4 = Synth 353133

Frost Pocket
Bass = Synth 315553
Floaty lead = E. Piano 353133
Mellow chords = Synth 322323
Slow attack notes = Synth 224133
Overlay bass = Synth 425553

Starlight Champion
Beginning chords = Synth 513135
End chords = Saxophone 223144