After the Wave
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After the Wave
Built on a foundation of Italo-style bassline, with Moroder-inspired vocoder on the hook
"retro with hints of Giorgio Moroder, while at the same time new and uniquely Alfonse"

"The track begins with an Italo-style synthesized bassline, pulsating beats, and a vocoder-driven chorus. ... the lyrics evoke a message of support and encouragement to not give up and stay strong until the difficulties disappear."
- TecoApple
"After the Wave is a captivating addition to Alfonse's musical repertoire. Its ability to evoke introspection and tranquility through carefully crafted soundscapes is a testament to the artist's understanding of the power of subtlety in music."
- ChatGPT 3.5


All synth sounds in the track were created by the Microkorg, one of the most popular synths of the last 20 years. The vocoder on this made it perfect for the track.

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