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Software Synths
A selection of entertaining synth VSTs


Brainworx Oberhausen

bx_oberhausen is Brainworx's recreation of the Oberheim SEM, with a rich vintage sound and plenty of great presets. This track only scratches the surface, but gives a quick flavour of some of the presets; all sounds used in the track, including the drums, are from the bx_oberhausen. .



Capsule is an instrument plugin with a variety of sound libraries, available for either a monthly subscription or a pay-per-library fee. Neon is their vintage synth / synthwave / new wave soundpack, with a range of nicely designed, tweakable patches. This track gives a quick flavour of some of the presets.

These tracks are all from New Digital Architectures.

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Klevgrand Baervaag

Baervaag is a simple to control FM synth plugin instrument from Klevgrand with powerful sound design possibilities, available in VST or AU format. As a 2 operator FM synth, one operator acts as the carrier and one as the modulator. The track also makes use of Klevgrand's Slammer drum plugin and Santa Jussi, a bonus Christmas version of the Jussi vocal synth. .


Download 4 patches for Klevgrand's Baervaag FM soft synth.

Download patches