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Kawai K1
Need to write incidental music for a late 1980s detective drama? The K1 has you covered


The Kawai K1r (1988) is a rack mount version of the K1 synth which uses Kawai's "VM additive synthesis tone generator", with a selection of 256 basic waveforms, including 52 PCM samples. 

Drum sounds on this track came from an Linn LM1 sample pack from Samples From Mars.


Building a sound involves mixing up to four of the waveforms, with the ability to add ring modulation as well, but as with so many digital units of the time, it's a slow process diving through the detailed menus on that small LCD screen. Fortunately, there's a VST available from Nils Schneider that's very close to the original sound.

These tracks are both from the Kawai Five-O EP.

Hear the EP