Casio MT-400V
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Casio MT-400V
One of Casio's most unique early experiments in the home keyboard arena


Casio MT-400V (1984)

At its heart the MT-400V has some fairly standard Casiotone rhythms and voices, but someone had the bright idea of giving the user control over the analogue filter envelope (attack, sustain and decay), cutoff and resonance. As well as applying this to the voices, you can also filter the rhythms and auto accompaniment. There's a stereo chorus with adjustable speed which can be switched to act like an LFO modulating the filter, an effect which Casio quite accurately describes as Waw. Add in bass and chord variations and analogue drums and you've got a great little lo-fi synth and groovebox.

This track was released as the B-side to the Reflector single.

Hear the single


Analogue drums ("Rock" rhythm) and making use of the envelope on the analogue filter and the onboard stereo chorus to sculpt the sounds. Everything was recorded straight to four-track tape on a Tascam Porta05 Ministudio at the western tip of Cornwall in late September 2020. I believe it was a Tuesday and I wore blue. Reverb was added during mixdown.

Fat bass, big chords and analogue drums ("Disco" rhythm).

"Bossa Nova" rhythm on this one.