Yamaha VSS-200
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Yamaha VSS-200
Lo-fi sampler with onboard FX, big sibling of the VSS-30.


Yamaha Portasound VSS-200 Digital Voice Sampler keyboard (1988)

The VSS-200 is the big sibling of the smaller but somewhat better-known VSS-30 (as used by Sigur Rós and others). The sampler section has a number of effects, including fuzz, echo, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, and an ADSR envelope. You can also sample the keyboard's own preset FM sounds internally and apply the effects to them.

This track is from the ALF album...

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This one was inspired by the third Jamuary challenge from Cuckoo in 2022, although there's really only one bit of gear in this setup that truly fits that epithet and that's the Realistic Concertmate Rhythm Box, which was overpriced at £5 (have to admit the kick and snare have a nice warmth to them, though). For the other parts, I sampled my voice into the Yamaha VSS200's lo-fi sampler, used the nicely gritty filter on the Casio MT400V and padded it out with a bit of Casio MT52.