Casio MT-52 and CT-320
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Casio MT-52 and CT-320
Super-Drums! The mid-sized MT-52 and its full-sized sibling CT-320.


Casio Casiotone MT-52 (1985)

The MT-52 wins points just as a beatbox alone with its Super Drums feature, which allows for individual drum elements (kick, snare, conga, hi-hat) to be switched to one of 3 different pattern variations within a rhythm selection, allowing for plenty of customisation. The drum sounds originate from an analogue source and the results are fat and groovy. The 16-Beat rhythm is an instant winner...

This track is from the ALF album.

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Casio Casiotone CT-320 (1985)

The CT-320 is the larger version of the MT-52 with full-size keys.

This track is from the NightLight album.

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Best listened to on speakers or headphones with a good bass response. I love the analogue "super-drums" on this 1985 Casio MT-52, so I tried running them through the external input on the Novation Bass Station II and hitting them with its filter section. On the high-pass setting, adding overdrive gave a nice saturated flavour and switching the slope from 12dB to 24dB with the resonance cranked up brought out the sub-bass in the kicks.

Everything was recorded straight to four-track tape on a Tascam Porta05 Ministudio. A Zoom MS-50G multi-effects stompbox was used for a reverb send during mixdown

This track can be found on the Straight to Tape collection.

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