Casio SA-9
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Casio SA-9
The tiny red Tonebank.

Casio SA-9 Tonebank keyboard (1990??)


The SA-9 has a bank of 100 PCM voice presets, some with 'reverb' or 'delay' envelope effects, some that are unmusical but entertaining noises, and some that are just super-lo-fi. The drum sounds for the backing rhythms are on the same chip and appear among the last 10 presets as playable 'kits'. It only has 2-note polyphony, but a couple of the samples (e.g. 38 Metal Guitar) are two note chords, meaning that more complex chord voicings can be made with those presets.


A few of the SA-9's presets, despite sounding fairly lo-fi, were inspiring something a bit more serious than the first track I made with it, so here's part 2, where the mood gets a little darker and then the glow sticks come out.

These tracks are on the Once album.

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