Technics SX-K200
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Technics SX-K200
A rare keyboard with full-size keys and a nice mix of mono and polyphonic preset sounds.


Technics SX-K200 (1982)

The SX-K200 was an evolution of Technics' electronic organs, which they had been building and developing since the '60s; its sounds are split into 8 "orchestral" polyphonic presets and 6 "solo" monophonic voices, with nods to various staple synth sounds of the era. There is also a nice stereo chorus effect that can be applied to the orchestral sounds.

I quadruple-tracked the lead synth melody (with two layers of "Cosmic Wah" an octave apart and two layers of "Brass" at the lower octave, which I detuned slightly in the DAW to give it a fatter sound). Individual drum hits were sampled from slowed-down rhythms and processed to allow a fresh kick and snare pattern to be built, although the basis of the groove was the "Disco" rhythm on the keyboard.

This track is from the ALF album.

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