Novation Bass Station II
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Novation Bass Station II
A reasonably-priced but feature-rich analogue mono-synth.

Packed with features and with a big sound, the ability of the designers to add further functionality via firmware updates has added even more value to this little box of synth tricks.

The lead sound in the track used oscillator error to create the vibe of an unstable VCO and glide divergence to add more variation between the oscillators during portamento. In the verse, paraphonic mode was used to split the two oscillators between notes, allowing for two-note chords.

The drum sounds were dialled in and played in AFX overlay mode (where each key can have completely separate settings). Once recorded, a short reverb was added to the snare to get more ring.


This track was released as a single, "Generator", available on all streaming and download platforms.

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Get the custom sounds used in this track and transfer to your Bass Station using Novation's Librarian software.

Download the patches

Best listened to on speakers or headphones with a good bass response. I love the analogue "super-drums" on this 1985 Casio MT-52, so I tried running them through the external input on the Bass Station II and hitting them with its filter section. On the high-pass setting, adding overdrive gave a nice saturated flavour and switching the slope from 12dB to 24dB with the resonance cranked up brought out the sub-bass in the kicks.

Live jam featuring Ian Bostic on drums and Alfonse on the Bass Station. Two more tracks of synth overdubbed later, with delay provided by the Boss DD7 digital delay pedal. Some additional reverb was added to the synths at the mixing stage.