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I Confess Remix
Listening to the outro of Dora Lachaise's song, I heard a whole other track - here it is...

The remix contrasts Dora’s mesmerising vocals with my quirky synthscapes.

I used Roland's JU-06 boutique Juno module for the main synth, synth sample libraries from Spitfire and Samples From Mars, the Novation Bass Station, and a few other bits and pieces. The vocals were manipulated using Soundtoys Little Alterboy to re-pitch them to match my chords.

"Big energy!"
- Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol

Recently found wandering through Glasgow’s Victorian cemeteries, Dora Lachaise produces dark and otherworldly music. She has released two singles to date - the spooky Bone Collector and the experimental electronic I Confess. I Confess was inspired by a statue of Mary Magdalene, a widely misrepresented historical figure.

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"I Confess (Alfonse Remix)" (C) Copyright 2021-23 Dora Lachaise / Alfonse