Casio SK1 & SK100
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Casio SK1 & SK100
Lo-fi sampling keyboards from the 80s


Casio SK-100 sampling keyboard (1987)

The SK-100 is a larger version of the famous SK-1 and SK-5 with more keys and features, including the ability to store two custom drum sequences, which can include samples. The sampler function itself has a great 8-bit / 10.113kHz lo-fi sound.

This track features vocal samples from my 2011 release "Time Over" featuring Ayika.


Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard (1985)

All sounds you hear in the track were made using the SK-1's sampler or its factory sounds

The SK-1's sampling rate is slightly lower than the SK-100 at 9.38kHz; both sound grainy and interesting.

These tracks were released on the album ALF.

Hear the album