Casio HT-700 & MT-600
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Casio HT-700 & MT-600
Casio's digital-analogue hybrid "Spectrum Dynamic" synthesis


Casiotone HT-700 keyboard (1987)

The HT-700 is a mini-key variant of its larger sibling the HT-3000. It has a DCO-VCF-DCA synthesis structure, but using initial waveforms that vary over time. Parameters can all be edited, with control of ADSR envelopes, and one parameter at a time can be tweaked in real-time using the data wheel.


Casiotone MT-600 keyboard (1987)

The MT-600 was a preset version of the HT-700 with the same factory sounds, resonant analogue filter and stereo chorus effect with three modes, but without the opportunity to modify any of the parameters.

These tracks were released on the album ALF.

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While the top of the range HT-6000 had up to 4 oscillators per voice, the HT-700 and MT-600 each only have 1 oscillator per voice, but since I had both hanging around in my synth lair, why not string them together via MIDI and build myself a hybrid...?


Live jam featuring Ian Bostic on drums, using the Novation Bass Station ii and the Yamaha PSS-580 FM mini-synth, which was running through a TC Electronic Alter Ego 'vintage echo' pedal set to "Copykat" mode. The lead parts were overdubbed later on the MT-600 with effects provided by the Yamaha SDS CH-10MII chorus pedal and the Boss DD7 delay.