Casio HT-3000, HT-700 & MT-600
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Casio HT-3000, HT-700 & MT-600
Casio's digital-analogue hybrid "Spectrum Dynamic" synthesis


Casiotone HT-3000 keyboard (1987)

The HT-3000 is from the digital-analogue hybrid "Spectrum Dynamic" synthesis family of Casio keyboards. It has a DCO-VCF-DCA synthesis structure with a single oscillator, using initial waveforms that vary over time, with a resonant analogue filter and a stereo chorus effect with three modes.


Casiotone HT-700 keyboard (1987)

The HT-700 is the mini-key version of the HT-3000, with most of the same features and the same set of sounds. As on the HT-3000, parameters can all be edited, although the interface is irritating. One parameter (e.g. filter cutoff, parameter 10) can be tweaked in real-time using the data wheel.


Casiotone MT-600 keyboard (1987)

The MT-600 was a preset version of the HT-700 with the same factory sounds, resonant analogue filter and stereo chorus effect with three modes, but without the opportunity to modify any of the parameters.


Casiotone MT-600 and HT-700

While the top of the range HT-6000 had up to 4 oscillators per voice, the HT-700 and MT-600 each only have 1 oscillator per voice, but since I had both hanging around in my synth lair, why not string them together via MIDI and build myself a hybrid...?

Interplanetary and Owl Nebula were released on the album ALF, while Fanatical Blanket is available on the album Nightlight

Hear the ALF album
Hear the Nightlight album
HT3000 front panel