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Electronic musician, synth enthusiast and demonstrator of cult noise-making objects.

dive into the light

Latest single from Alfonse, out 12th October 2023 in time for spooky season...

A ghostly tale for Halloween, with a retro 80s goth-meets-synthpop vibe, featuring the guest vocals of Dora Lachaise.

"phenomenal vocals"
- New Retro Wave HQ
Dive Into the Light single cover art: a ghostly figure in the dark


Electronic musician, synth enthusiast and demonstrator of cult noise-making objects.

Alfonse released a handful of tracks in 2011 and 2012, collaborated with some Bristol-based vocalists and supported Bastille at an early gig, before disappearing again into the ether. 

Re-emerging from behind a shattered FM synth sometime in 2019, Alfonse has been building a following on YouTube with tracks created solely with 80s/90s keyboards and has had airplay on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music in the UK.

Now based in Glasgow, Scotland, Alfonse's music has been featured in TV shows, adverts, short films and other media around the world..

Alfonse looking to the right against a blue background
Press photos

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Recently found wandering through Glasgow’s Victorian cemeteries, Dora Lachaise produces dark and otherworldly music.

She has released two solo singles to date - the spooky Bone Collector and the experimental electronic I Confess, which Alfonse also remixed in early 2023 - as well as a collaborative EP with Jonni Slater called Weather Balloons.

Cover art for I Confess Alfonse remix, with a metallic pink apple held in a hand


instantly catchy synth layers and melodies that remind of that warm old school synthpop sound, combined with a state-of-the-art mixing and a fresh modern atmosphere
Alfonse surrounded by musical equipment and cables, looking unsure of what to plug in where
"Brilliantly catchy!"
- Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol
"...lush, huge, and cinematic, with an atmosphere cheerfully rich in 80s nostalgia"
- FenrisMusic